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Forum Terms of service

The moderators of this forum will try hard to edit or remove reprehensible messages as soon as possible. However, it is impossible for them to review all the messages. You thus admit that all the messages posted on this forum express the sight and opinion of their respective authors and not those of the moderators or the Webmaster (except messages posted by them) and consequently, they cannot be held responsible of the discussions.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies will not contain any personal information; they are only used to improve comfort while browsing. The address e-mail is only used in order to confirm the details of your registration as your password (and also to send you back your password if you forget it).

- Aggressive or slanderous messages, as well as personal insults and critics, the coarseness and vulgarities, and more generally any message contravening the French laws are prohibited.
- Messages who promote - or evoke - illegal practices are prohibited.
- If you post informations which come from another site
, look first if the site in question doesn't forbid it. Show the address of the site in question in order to respect the work of their administrators!
- Please post your messages only once. The repetitions are unpleasant and useless!
- Please make an effort on grammar and spelling. SMS-style language (ex: r u sk8ing?) is not advised!

Any message contravening the listing above will be edited or removed without additional notice or justification within deadlines which will depend on the availability of the moderators. Any abuse will involve the cancellation of the registration. Internet is neither an anonymous space, nor a space of no-right! We reserve ourselves the possibility of informing your access provider and/or the legal authorities of any malevolent behavior. An IP address of each poster is recorded in order to help us to make you respect these conditions.

By clicking on " I agree to these terms " below:
- You acknowledge to have fully read these current rules;
- You commit yourself to respect unreservedly these current rules;
- You grant the moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any discussion subject at any moment.

Kepada semua warga forum (to all forum members):

1. Kebebasan bersuara tidak tanpa tanggungjawab; kamu bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya kepada apa yang kamu katakan!(The freedom to speak comes with a responsibility; you are responsible for what you say!)
2. Kebebasan bersuara tidak harus disalahgunakan; kamu dilarang sama-sekali untuk menggugut, mengancam, menjatuhkan maruah, atau menyebarkan sebarang fitnah.(The freedom to speak is NOT to be abused; you must not use it to harass or defame others, or to spread any untruths.)
3. Mencarut dan maki-hamun adalah bahasa orang yang lemah mindanya.(Curses and the likes of it are the language of the weak and feeble-minded)
4. Sekiranya kamu menggunakan forum ini untuk tujuan jahat dan individu-individu berkenaan memfailkan laporan polis terhadap kamu, pihak KAMI (moderator dan admins) tidak akan melindungi kamu.(If you use this forum for the wrong purpose and the person files a police report,WE (moderators and admins) cannot and will not protect you.)
5. Seandainya diperlukan oleh undang-undang dan pihak berkuasa, maklumat tuan-puan akan diserahkan kepada pihak berkuasa untuk tindakan undang-undang.(If required by the law and the authorities, your information will be sent to the authorities.)
6. Sila ambil perhatian, tiada Al-Qaeda disini.(There's no Al-Qaeda here)
7. Dilarang dari menempel gambar berbentuk lucah, ugutan atau gambar yang tidak relevan disini. Sebarang pos yang tidak relevan akan dipindahkan ke forum berkaitan topik.(Please do not post harrasments and unrelevant pics here. All unrelated posts will be moved to other forums related to the topic.)
8. Sebarang edit, lock, deletion atau ban dari pihak moderator dan admin harus disertakan dengan penjelasan mengapa, apa dan untuk apa tindakan sebegitu diambil.(Any edit, locks, deletions, or bans from mods and admins must be followed with a satisfactory explaination as to why and what such action are taken.)
9. Jika kamu disini untuk bergaduh, siap sedia untuk bayar duit klinik.(If you here for a fight, please make sure you have enough cash for clinical fees)
10. Sila ambil perhatian mereka yang berpendirian tidak takut dengan apa sahaja yang mahu kamu lontarkan. Aku bersedia menjawab apa sahaja yang kamu ada.
11. Kehadiran anda disini is a privilege, not a right. This also applies to moderators and admins. So please....sila gunakan forum ini secara matang. Terima kasih.(Please use this forum wisely. Thank you.)